Government legislation may change the hemp smoking legalities in certain areas.  No doubt if the laws are changed, it will affect the suppliers/users of Hemp, Marijuana, Cannabis etc.  Most suppliers rely on a continued flow of the product in order … Continue reading

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Collections for Controlled Substance CBD used to Treat Cancer

Products made from cannabis such as CBD oils have well known medicinal uses and are often prescribed by a physician, legally.  As such, it is extremely difficult to stop supplies for unpaid accounts.  This makes debt collection from resellers very … Continue reading

24 May 2018 at 05:25 - Comments

Hemp Manufacturing vs Cannabis Laws

Products made from Hemp come under FDA scrutiny and the laws governing the collection of Hemp are quite involved.  There are three agencies to consider.  The Food and Drug Agency being the important one as supplies of hemp fall under … Continue reading

24 May 2018 at 05:21 - Comments

Recovering Outstanding Debts

The recovery of outstanding monies in a cannabis supply chain are not easy.  In spite of the fact that the US government may change the laws pertaining to some states use of cannabis, there is always a backlog when it … Continue reading

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Marijuana debt collections services are important now that more and more entrepreneurs are becoming medical marijuana business people. This brings up the need for a cannabis collection agency. What will a Marijuana Debt Collection Service do for my Business? ==>They … Continue reading

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As more and more states pass laws allowing the legal sale of marijuana and other cannabis products, more businesses are entering the legal sale of cannabis products.  Like other industries experiencing rapid growth, the cannabis industry faces a wide variety … Continue reading

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CBD Collection Law

With the rise of medical and recreational marijuana across the nation, there has been an increasing interest in CBD or Cannabidiol.  As this product becomes more and more popular for its potential health benefits, it has become increasingly important for … Continue reading

22 April 2018 at 07:04 - Comments

Hemp Collection Law

The Hemp Collection Law (also called the Farm Bill) was passed on February 7, 2014.  It was signed by former President Obama and created quite a stir in the hemp world. Hemp Collection Law Results • Departments of Agriculture and … Continue reading

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Cannabis Collection Law Within The U.S. Can Be Very Controversial

It can be incredible the capacity that the human being has to change the world in very little time. Every scientific discovery provides us with the possibility to self-correct our previous mistakes. But sometimes, our mistakes are not corrected in … Continue reading

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Cannabidiol or as is commonly known as “CBD”, is a non-psych-active element found in Cannabis plants. It can represent as much as 40% of its extracts, so it is one of its main component. It is commonly used for medicinal … Continue reading

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